Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 52

Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 solo for this one. Having spent a lot of time at Westminster Choir College in my wayward youth, I'd have to say that I'd love to hear this one performed in one of the many beautiful chapels of Princeton, NJ. This is my favorite, thus far on this album. GET IT NOW. Inches From Sin – Jingle Jangle Jingle 3:34 - I don't know about you, but this song made me feel dirty. Dirty in a good way. Merry Christmas, baby. I think it's the groovy bass line that made me feel dirty, but then again it could be due to some kinky-risque lyrics and crunchy lead guitar. Why don't you have a listen and see if you feel the same? STEEL ft. Bubu The Producer – Have A Gigolo XMAS ! 5:00 - You know, my experience with Gigolos is pretty limited. "Elementary Gigolo'in." I can't make this up. This song is right up there with the famed, "Dominick The Donkey" in terms of memorable-ness and holiday spirit. Honest. This could be my family's new tradition. Clever, witty, and well worded; GO HAVE YOURSELF A GIGOLO XMAS! Tammi T & Keith Hines Production – Go Wish 3:32 - Pump it up, baby! Tammi T has a sweet, soulful voice. I love it. Strong melody, excellent production, this is a great tune and Tammi sends it home with her beautiful voice. This is a fun song with a message of hope. The vocal bridges featuring diverse harmonic elements really help to create drama and tension before the last choruses. Amazing track. Have you bought this album yet? Come on! Ysanne ft. ZanZclan – Christmas In The Sun 3:32 - Great melody, great reggae feel, this is a grooving song with stellar writing and keen arrangement and yes, Virginia there is a steel drum in this one. Haven't you ever wanted to have a Christmas in the Sun and find a new special someone after being dumped by someone on Christmas in the snow?? Well, if yes, then GET THIS SONG. If not, then get this whole album and by the time you get to this song, you'll feel the sentiment in your heart. I'm still grooving to it and I'm not even in the sun right now. 52 Steel Notes Magazine