Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 51 Steel Notes Magazine Jackie Kringle & The Elves – Let's Have A Rockin Christmas 2:39 - Hey, now this one sounds like it could easily be on Sirius XM Channel 21, the Underground Garage... The bassline makes me think of Radar Love and the lyrics are fun and wild. I dig this one a lot (even if there's a mouth harp solo instead of a g uitar solo – I really like guitar solos). Don't hate me for liking guitar solos! Anyway, you too can have a Rockin Christmas, but you have to buy this album to do that. I promise you won't regret it. Wayne Olivieri & DJ Chris ibe – I Love Christmas Time (Radio Mix) 4:02 - What a wild mix of digital wizardry and acoustic guitars/bells! WHOA. This is a trippy Christmas dance tune for sure. I suggest getting granny too much eggnog and then popping this bad boy on the stereo and then video her dance for a later youtube upload. DO IT. Buy this album first or at least download this pumping dance track for your next holiday hook up. Bob Shaw- I Wonder Where You Are This Christmas 2:32 - How many times have you wondered where someone you miss has gone for Christmas? I swear to Santa that Bob Shaw sounds a lot like Axle Rose of Guns-N-Roses. Am I crazy? You listen and YOU tell me. This is a tear jerker for sure so be warned. "I wonder, do you ever think of me?" Yes. I do think of you, Santa so I am asking you to get me this album for Christmas. Dennis Sy – Christmas Morning 4:11 - This song is fresh. The arrangement is clear and soulful. Easily a favorite and a classic ready to happen to a Christmas near you. The R&B stylings of this track really add a dynamic variety to this album. Bongo Boy Records is never short of variety and this track is a great example of great writing, strong arranging and balanced performance. Bravo. Why isn't this album in your stocking yet? Deborah Henriksson – The Angel Gabriel 2:05 - WOW. A goosebump maker. This song is beautifully performed by Deborah Henriksson. Everything is perfect. I can't even suggest a guitar Steel Notes Magazine 51