Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 50

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine LET'S HAVE A ROCKIN CHRISTMAS by Various Artists A good NEW Christmas song is hard to come by. Bongo Boy Records makes it easier for you in 17 new and exciting ways that should be noted and you should make the effort, be a good little girl or boy and ask Santa for this album, "Let's Have A Rockin Christmas." BE GOOD, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! - An Album Review by Jenny Cat Les Fradkin - Say You Love Me For Christmas 2:47 – If you were seeking a song cut in the vein of Darlene Love's "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" then you've found it here with Les Fradkin. He expertly creates the wall of sound vibe from famed producer, Phil Spector. This is a huge sing-a-long ear-worm that will be on the tip of everyone's tongue this season. Bravo! ALREADY, WOULD YA? Walter Rossi – Jingle Jangle 4:54 – This one made me think of the later tune stylings of the Doobie Brothers circa Michael McDonald. Walter Rossi has a keen voice that adds a pure rock dimension to this song. Furthermore, there's a killer guitar line throughout and as always, I'm a big fan of that. LISTEN TO THIS The Forty Nineteens – Frosty The Snowman 2:38 Who doesn't love this song? Come on. You'd have to be Scrooge himself to not like a rolicking version of Frosty The Snowman. The Forty Nineteens give us just that; a rolicking good time on an old holiday classic. Show this one to your kids or even your cats as it will make them dance. BUY THIS ALBUM. Peter Unger – Christmas Cards 2:32 - I guess Peter Unger is what Bob Denver's son would sound like if he had James Taylor for a songwriting/guitar mentor! What a pure sound! Effortlessly, Peter Unger's voice elicits tears and nostalgia of the Christmas nights we almost forgot. Great, soulful track. A must own. 50 Steel Notes Magazine