Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 47

Steel Notes Magazine I use my Marshall DSL 100 amps, they are beefy as all Hell. And I still use my original BC Richs, Double neck Rich Bich, my Warlocks, Mockingbird, my black Hamer Standard which I used in The Runaways days. It keeps my sound true and very LITA. Do you change gear every tour? No. Who’s inspired you for your lead guitar skills? I was inspired by many greats; Richie Blackmore was my #1 idol. Sabbath. Jeff Beck. Jimmy Page. Johnny Winter. Gilmore. Hendrix. With the recent discussion of how YouTube compensates, or lack thereof, artists do you have an opinion on the matter? Is there one artist that you’d love to work with, but, haven’t? I don’t know. We’ll have to see what 2017 brings. I’ve been noticing that ba nds from the 80’s are prospering more in Europe than the US. Would you agree? I have not noticed. It does seem that Europe is more embracing of metal. Do you have any plans of producing? I have produced a Canadian band called SAVAGE PLAYGROUND. A bunch of teenaged, young men, a great band with a lot of potential. I also produced a lot of my own recordings. I’d love to get into the studio with the right line up. Yes. I have the experience and would do a great job, I love being in the studio! I didn’t come from a YouTube world. I think it’s something you need to grow up with to appreciate. Your appearance on That Metal Show was great! Do you think anything more needs to be done to highWith the number of female guitarists on the rise, and light female guitarists? some of them saying you inspired them, is there any one you feel you could “pass the torch on” to? Yes, I suppose it’s a start though. But it’s sad that females must have their own category. At least womAs far as guitar playing goes, and singing together at the an have their foot in the door now, which is great and same time, not really anyone can do it right now except all that really matters. I’d like to think I had a helping Lizzy Hale. She’s an amazing vocalist and she is a good hand with that. player. A great talent. So, if any one of the young woman who are out and about on the music scene today, I’d I loved your book, Living Like a Runaway. It was have to say Lizzy Hale. Steel Notes Magazine 47