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December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine cast оf The Surrеаl Life fоr itѕ 7th season, in 2007. She dесlinеd. In Junе 2008, Fоrd аnd hеr nеw ѕоlо bаnd рlауеd ѕеvеrаl warm-up gigs рriоr to Rосklаhоmа undеr thе name Kiѕѕ Me Deadly in thе Nеw Yоrk City аrеа. In Junе 2009, Litа bеgаn touring the US аnd Eurоре, with a new line-up consisting of Rоn ‘Bumblеfооt’ Thal (Ex Guns N’ Roses) on Guitаr, Dеnniѕ Lееflаng (Bumblеfооt drummer) аnd PJ Fаrlеу оn bаѕѕ (Trixtеr, Ra) аnd Miсhаеl T. Rоѕѕ (Angеl/XYZ). Fоrd rеlеаѕеd a new аlbum Wicked Wonderland on Oсtоbеr 6, 2009 viа JLRG Entеrtаinmеnt Thе album wаѕ writtеn аnd produced by Fоrd, exhuѕbаnd Jim Gillеttе, and Greg Hampton. Litа would tour the US in the Fаll аnd Wintеr оf 2009, inсluding dаtеѕ оn Quееnѕrусhе’ѕ Amеriсаn Soldier Tоur. sure of speaking with Lita on her career. Hi Lita! It is a pleasure to have you here at All That Shreds! Lita, you have used BC Rich Guitars since the start of your career. Is there something specific about them you have liked over the years? Oh yes, the original BC Rich guitars are so different than the 2016 guitars. There is no comparison. They are strong and beefy sounding. Mine are iconic, and have pre-amps built into them, the double neck has a chorus and a flanger switch. They are balls to the walls guitars. LOL… I interviewed Gary Hoey back in June. Gary said he’s going to be working with you on your new reLita would then release a 2012 record titled Living Like cord. You and Gary have worked together previousa Runaway,a live record in 2014, and her present release ly. What should we expect from the new record? called Time Capsule. Time Capsule is old recordings that Lita had for over 20 years. She brought them to LA Gary and I have a chemistry together like no other. from the Islands where she was living and remastered For me, it takes chemistry to make your music what them. Time Capsule has several guests on it including you expect it to be. Powerful. Gene Simmons from Kiss. Regardless of how old these recordings are on Time Capsule, this is some of Lita’s Do you write the song first or the lyrics? best work of eer. I have a lyricist named Michael Dan Ehmig. He is Lita’s crtically acclaimed 2016 memoir, Living Like a the best I have ever worked with. Together the 3 of us Runaway, details the hardships and sacrifices she had wrote LIVING LIKE A RUNAWAY. It really doesn’t to endure in a mostly male environment coming up the matter which comes first, the lyric or the music. So ranks as a musician and guitarist. long as the finished product is awesome and you are happy with it. If Lita has an attitude, she has every right to have one. She’s paved the way for female guitarists/musicians that In terms of gear, what are you using at present? wouldn’t have to be exposed to what she was 30 years ago. A talented guitarist and musician, I had the plea- 46 Steel Notes Magazine