Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 41 Steel Notes Magazine form for my new monthly column ... It is also the name in New York, New York @ 94 Avenue A & 6th used to of my Rock and Roll Band ... Marlowe B West Takez think of itself as a discreet local retreat ... but ... as of Manhattan & The Brooklyn late it's hard to get a table ... Hornz. word got out about town & it appears the whole lower My beautiful young friends east side has spilled into Cindy Colon and Johnny The Sidewalk NYC ... PinSpice had gone way out of chas Milstein is the owner their way to pick me up on ... better known as Pini ... their way to catch Big Sexy's He has been in this location show ... Emma Zakarevicius for thirty years ... He says he was already wet and sweating owes his outlandish success on stage as we burst into the to a "Lots of hard work and 'private' backroom of the now dedication, by a lots of good trending hotspot Sidewalk talented people." ... Sidewalk NYC ... Emma had jumped NYC has always maintained off the stage and was in the a groovy kind of clientele midst of doing this humpy ... Artisans and musicians shaking-all-over dance magnetize to this place ... ... grinding her booty on the ambiance ... the friendly anyone who got in her way creative downtown lower east while belting out her crazy Booty Song ... it was side atmosphere lures them insanely crowded ... I loved it ... With her arms waving back day and nite ... They have music every night, no high above her head, Emma looked like a virginal sac- cover (2 drinks min.) great restaurant in separate space rifice in the spotlight ... paparazzi closed in all around ... Great full bar ... Sidewalk NYC is one of a kind ... The ... it became longest open mic an electrical in New York City lightning - every Monday storm that hit ... Unique place the pages of for singers & song Facebook bewriters. fore daybreak. Anchoring the Now let me corner of Avenue tell you ... my A and 6th Street beautiful Steel for nearly 30 Notes Magayears ... Sidewalk zine readers Cafe is an East and fans ... Village landmark, about Sideboth a lively walk NYC ... neighborhood The cat is out haunt and a destiof the bag ... nation for seekers This exquisite of a singular slice 4 star Bar · Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant · Perforof authentic New York nightlife ... Sidewalk is known mance & Sports Venue Steel Notes Magazine 41