Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 30

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine getting this vibe ??? RW: I went back to my roots for this band ... 90's esc with roots in metal ... And biggest influence in Mora Tau is Led Zepp & Pavement ... I am in a strange tuning that I'm not going into cuz no one cares about that stuff except guitar nerds ... But that tuning creates a different sound. MBW: ... and Bowhead feels like a private army ... a stronger aggression ... can you tell us more about this band and what it's all about ... where your sound originates and how things roll ??? RW: Black Sabbath is to blame ... Ha ha ... Helmet, Tool ... Our drummer, Gerry White, & Calum Mackenzie, our bassist, come up with these heavy rhythm based riffs that they structure into songs ... They bring them to the rehearsal space and we hash it out ... Davey Gunner, our singer, adds in his dark & twisted lyrics and we are off and running like a wild pack of dogs ... This band is tough with serious well seasoned veteran players ... Gerry is the best drummer I have ever played with ... We just added a new guitarist, Joe Vincent, who has