Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 29 to get me to have interest in more locrative things .... Like college or trade schools. MBW: How about school ??? RW: ha ha Cool ... Do you have a motto ??? RW: Do it right or don't do it at all !!! MBW: Of all you do and get involved in ... what is your greatest love ??? MBW: Your 1st musical instrument ??? RW: My son Brandon, my girl friend, our kitties and writing songs... RW: I wanted to play drums ... My dad got me a trumpet. MBW: How do you feel as an American ??? MBW: Is there any one song that has rung through your soul all along ??? RW: Led Zepp ... "No Quarter" MBW: RW: I love this my country ... But shit is a mess ... New York is TOUGH ... been here 17 years & it hasn't kicked me out yet ... Thanks to Shodda. MBW: Tell us about the Red Gretchen songs you are recording ... and about the Steel Notes Magazine songwriting ... and about the actual recording processes ??? RW: I have 5 new tunes ready to record ... Meaning lyrics, guitar riff, change & structure are all in order ... 1st you need solid drum & bass tracks done then you can layer in the rest ... I like to play live with the band doing scratch guitar & vocals ... to get the rhythm tracks ... Then double the guitars & amp ... Do my lead guitar tracks & vocals last ... That is pretty much it. MBW: What kind of music would you call what Mora Tau does ... there is an added excitement there in that band ... it feels real good like you are speaking a familiar language but it is not determined ... kinda alien ... why should I be Steel Notes Magazine 29