Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 28

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine RW: Ronnie Wheeler Blues has a show Dec 2nd at Bowery Electric Map Room ... 8pm. Feb 4 you can catch the rest of my bands at the Beast of Bourbon. MBW: How about Bad Avocado ??? RW: Bad Avocado started maybe 3 years ago ... We have Interstate Johnson on Lead guitar & vocals ... me on Lead guitar and vocals ... Stu Richards aka Chicken Leg on bass & Shauna Westgate on drums ... We are a jam band that play mostly originals a few covers ... Interstate & I do sick harmony guitar leads and it is a total blast!! ... See us Feb 4th at Beast of Bourbon... https://www. MBW: Let's step w ay back ... tell us when and where this Tasmanian musical devil began to emerge ??? RW: My 1st concert ... Age 13 ... to see KISS ... I thought 'hmmm, I wanna do that' MBW: Were you caught off guard by anything in particular that began spinning those Wheeler wheels ??? RW: Janes Addiction & Mother Love Bone ... Set my sail. MBW: Can you tell us about any influences you had ... where, when & how ??? RW: When I was 10 years old I really loved Fleetwood Mac ... 12 years old I got into Aerosmith ... 13 Led Zeppelin, Van Helen, Metallica, Saxon. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, then came Randy Rhodes w. Ozzy ... Steel Notes Magazine Albuquerque, New Mexico is where I was 28 born & played in lots of band back in the day. MBW: What was going through your head at let's say fifteen ??? RW: Girls girls girls & learning to play Randy Rhodes & Jimmy Page licks. Girls & the sweet leaf. MBW: What were your interests and did you have a lot of friends ??? RW: Even when I was a little nerdy kid I always had lots of friends ... I was interested in just guitar and singing ... Some of my family would try