Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 27

Steel Notes Magazine RW: Well I got to say I am very honored to have Anne Husick on bass & Shauna Westgate on drums ... We have new tunes and are ready to go in the studio ... We have been together for 5 years with this line up ... The songs I write for this band are about loss, twisted places that i have been and will only talk about them in song ... I use several alt turnings in Red Gretchen ... We have a Psychedelic 60's sound with a modern twist ... Very blues influenced ... We have a video release party on Dec 7th at The SideWalk NYC ... Alan Rand directed, shot & produced the video that we release Dec 7th ... Alan also recorded the song Jumper and produced our CD Nobody ... redgretchen/ MBW: What about Mora Tau RW: Mora Tau has Shauna Westgate on drums again ... only she is in disguise as Shodda Whiskey Crow ... matter of fact we all have stage names in Mora Tau ... We have Starr Sixtynine Jumble on Keytar, Tony Jumble does bass & me Dizzy Drawl on guitar, vocals and song writing ... Tony & Star back me on vocals ... This band has a huge expansive sound ... We have bee \\Y]YY[وHۙHYH [\[H\H[[ۙH]\]\\XܙYH][XH H\HXY[Xۙ\ ^X X\و\ۋ΋˙XX˘K[ܘ]]X[ “P΂\H[\\]KۛYH X]XY”΂XY\H]^H[\Hܘ]]ۈXY[ [[HXZ[YHHؚXH ܘ]]ۈ\ \H]BHX]HYYH H[[ ۘZH[[ۈ ܘ]]ۂ[\ H[[ۈ]HZ]\HH\[ YHۈXYZ]\ \\HX]Y\[H[H[ B\H^Z[X M]]H[[^H\]NH H\BY[HY[[X\ ΋˙XX˂K؛XYX“P΂\H[H][\ [H]H[][˜Z[\ۈ‚Y[\XY^[B˜Y[\XY^[KB‚