Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 20

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine Interview BEV CHARLOTTE KURZ Rock Your Way Jewelry By: Bev Charlotte Kurz Interview by Alexxis Steele Bev’s designs are a must have one of a kind rock inspired jewelry for men and women. Perfect for musicians and music lovers a like! I spoke with her regarding her creations. AS: What sparked your desire and interest in making your jewelry line? BCK: I love going to concerts and local rock shows but I was having trouble finding good quality rocker jewelry to match my outfits without paying a fortune. On a trip to SC a couple years ago I bought a guitar pick necklace at the house of blues and thought it was a cool idea to make jewelry out of guitar picks. I also thought how cool would it be to make a piece of jewelry out of a guitar pick that someone got at a concert turning a great memory into a beautiful piece of jewelry. I started out with necklaces then moved on to bracelets and earrings. I've always loved arts and crafts since I was a little girl and I was blessed with artistic ability and creativity so I am very grateful for that! AS::What type of materials and colors do you like working with? 20 Steel Notes Magazine