Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 122

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine ta, had their property appropriated by the government for everyone’s benefit under Fidel and Che. Things went sour also when these same people realized that the rebels through the criminal courts were going to send officials, supporters and contributors of the old regime to the firing-squad wall. And of course Castro was outraged at the resulting U.S. criticism, calling it "the vilest, most criminal and most unjust hypocrisy that has been launched against any people. And rightly so, it was a tone of righteous indignation, Castro would return to time and again over the decades. As in life, Castro was deeply divisive in death. Older Cubans who remember brutal times under Batista tend to emphasize the revolution’s accomplishments. While those who supported Batista, cry for a way of life that they stole and was soon to be taken away from them for the greater good of ALL the Cuban people. Castro was the last remaining leader from the group of old school leaders including Mao, Salvador Allende, Hugo Chavez, Nelson Mandela, Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. Mexico's president Enrique Peña Nieto called Castro a friend of Mexico, who had promoted bilateral relationships based on "respect, dialogue and solidarity." Pakistani politician, Imran Khan hailed Castro as "an iconic revolutionary leader" who stood against the US. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was "one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century, India mourns the loss of a great friend." We need to truly recall that Cuba at one time, under Batista, was almost GW&VBFFRf'7BfF7FFRVF67G&F6G&B6VBFRfBG2W&666'VFrg&VG2WB&Wv&RFBFR6RWfw&WFW2BG'FFRFR6BfW"vvFFRV`FRW&62FR7W'&VB&W6FVBVV7BbFRVFVB7FFW22V6WW&V6R'Vr662@FV2B26FƗ7F27&֖6VbbW2&'F2BWN( 2UdU"f&vWBFBvVFRU2v27W'FrFR&67B'FVBvfW&VBb6WFg&6w0f6bvFfW'F&rFR&WfWFFBFVfVFVBFR'GVwVW6RW&Ɨ7G27V&6VBFW6G2`FV"'&FW'2B67FW'2FVFRVRbvFVfVBFV"FWVFV6RF'FVVV'2FW"FR6WFg&6&67B&גvFG2U2ǒvW&RFVfVFVBBFRVW2&WfWFvv26fVBb7V&w2&RvV6FVFV6&VB7VV6Vǒ#b%FR7V&VRB7V66RFRV'G2bFRVRbg&6FR7V&FW&FƗ7G2fPFR6G&'WFFg&6FWVFV6Rg&VVFBW7F6RV&VVBf"G2&6VBB6VfW706&7FW"vRg&6&RW6VBF&Vrf7F2b6VG&W2vFrF6'fRWW"FW'&F'"7V'fW'BW # 7FVVFW2vPwwr7FVVFW6vR6Р