Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 121

Steel Notes Magazine The ONLY reason why the US hates Fidel is because he managed to throw them out of Cuba along with their parasitic capitalistic stranglehold and restore independence the distribution of wealth to all Cuban people, and follow an independent path not dictated by Washington. If truth be told the US doesn't give a rat’s ass about human rights or anything like that despite their hypocritical rhetoric. Cuba's human rights are better than many nations out there, including the United States, despite the vile propaganda the U.S. media and its disgruntled exiled Miami U.S. “PALS”, (personal ass lickers) Cubans have spread over the last 50 years. Most Cubans are fine. They don't want a rotted system of capitalism. Because of Cuba not allowing US corporations in Cuba, Cuba has the most pristine areas and water on this planet. Most visitors to Cuba, who tell the truth, are astonished how cuban society is one of social values and happiness. So many people would love to migrate to Cuba from western countries except the USA, they are fully brainwashed, except for myself as if I could pick one place in the world I would love to live it would be in Cuba, despite what a “horrible” country it must be, no McDonalds, no Pizza Hut, no Fox news, little or no Hollywood propaganda junk movies, only free great heath care, free education, lowest infant mortality rate in the hemisphere, solidarity based vehicle share system to make up for shortage of public transport, and a life that is lived for the pleasure not for barely surviving. Great country, great people. His death triggered both mourning and celebration. Mourners and supporters grieved over the Revolutionary who was the ONLY man and country to stand by its socialistic principles and led the way for other countries to overcome their oppression and imperialistic yolk placed on them by the hell and lies of democratic government and capitalistic economic systems. Meanwhile, revelers spilled into the streets of Miami, the center of the Cuban exile community. Thousands of people like little brats and cranky children, they popped champagne, clanged pots and pans, singing and dancing, cheered and waved the Cuban flag in crazy gestures, whooping it up in jubilation, honking car horns and loud music from car radios echoed out disrupting the night, and fireworks lit up the putrid Florida night sky. The exiles who fled with their wealth and no longer protected by the dictator after Castro took power, Cubans fled the island to Miami, Tampa and other Florida cities. They were supporters and beneficiaries of the Batista dictatorship, rich families with huge swaths of property in Cuba, gained by criminal endeavors and favors under Batis- Steel Notes Magazine 121