Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 117

Steel Notes Magazine know what was happening until the announcer said “ Oswald has been shot.” And then from another room they took Oswald out on a gurney and put him quickly into a waiting ambulance, which made me wonder, why was there an ambulance parked there in the basement of the police station when they were supposed to be moving Oswald from one jail to another. In hindsight, I guess that was the moment, that set me off on a study, actually it was more than just a study, it was a journey, a concentration, a cogitation, a questioning and analysis of american political history. In the years which have gone by since the coup in Dallas, I have not missed reading anything, book or magazine or documentary that has appeared on JFK. In the following years the media, the political leaders, teachers, professors and history books have all urged and insisted that you need to “look forward, not backward” at some perceived wrongdoing, by whomever you believe did the crime, that it was a waste of time and wouldn’t change anything.” “There is no such thing in America, as an independent press, just as despite the illusion of academic freedom in America’s Universities, there actually is none. Public and private education is designed, financed and used to lead the students and people away from truth and to instill the adapted values, beliefs and attitudes that make it easier to maintain the “official story” to brainwash, control, distract us and continue to rule over us until we implode, hopefully. Even the “alternate” courses with “liberal open minded professors” still have to stay within the bounds of the course being “investigative or theoretic, hypothetical conjecture.” They cannot teach alternative history no matter how much fact and truth there is to it or it will cost these brave teachers and professors their jobs or worse. One hunderd percent of the mass media and news is still telling us in well choreographed lockstep that the JFK Assassination happened as The Warren Commission said, that Oswald assassinated JFK and was a “lone-nut” communist assassin. Of course, surveys now show that 60-80% of the American People do not believe this at Steel Notes Magazine 117