Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 113

Steel Notes Magazine so. My dream would be to not have nightmares after watching Avengers movies, LOL! - Best moment ever in your daily life and in music, the first thing that comes to mind? Cranking up my car and going out cruising and Wacken 2015. - Your best dish ever… Mom’s southern Italian lasagna. - Favorite band… Skillet - Favorite song… Beyond the Realms of Death - Do you listen to other music genres? Which and do they inspire you? Yes, absolutely. We stay in touch through social media, Facebook, Twitter. - Did this job give you the chance to create new strong friendships or is it always only about business? Music always results in new friendships and making new acquaintances and that’s part of the goal of music, to always gain new fans and get a new outlook and perspective. - Who are the people in your life that you owe a lot to? The ones that supported you and helped you become who you are today? Jon Oliva, Criss Oliva, Paul O’Neill and also my kids and my fiance. And I also thank my parents for being so supportive in the early parts of my career. They still support me to this day. Yes. Outlaw country, smooth jazz, and new alternative. Yes, because the broaden my outlook on music in general. - Who inspires you in life? My fiance Kate and all of the music endeavors that we take on. - What about some other interests of yours. Last movie watched? Last vacation taken? The last movie I watched was Angry Birds. The last vacation I took was to the Caribbean on a cruise. - You and your fans, what kind of connection do you feel? I feel a very intimate and incredible connection to my fans. - Do you stay in touch with some of them even after concerts? Steel Notes Magazine 113