Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 112

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine different ways people would perceive my music. It was difficult at times to achieve, but overall not really. - Did you ever think to be a professional psychologist? And did it ever help you in the relations with people in music? Yes, and I still think about it. It’s always something I can pursue. That door will always be open. Considering the vast differences in the mentality of people in the music busin ess, it did not have that big of an impact in that area. It didn’t really give me an advantage in that part of the business because others controlled the business. - What would you have done for a job if you weren’t a singer? I probably would have gone into the healthcare field in some capacity. - Three things that you really love to do at home. Constantly torture my mother LOL, play tennis, go on long walks with my fiance, and watch a lot of football and Investigation Discovery. - If you had to define music for you, what is it? Music is the expression of emotion, attitude, and existence. 112 Steel Notes Magazine - When you sing, what do you feel? Is it just a job or is it a different experience? It’s actually an experience that I can’t easily define. I am conveying my emotion through my voice and the perfect expression comes from all of the years of training and experience that I have. So for that reason, it gets better and better with time. - You played in Europe and all over the world. What would you bring from the world to America? It is something that I already do. I bring all of my experiences from playing all over the world to America. - About Italy, do you have any good memories or friends from here? Yes, I have several great friends from Italy. Italy is a beautiful country that has so much to offer especially in the way of food and monumental historical importance. I think Italy has the best food in the world, especially dessert! - Who were your influences when you were young and who do you still listen to during your daily life? Ronnie Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne. I listen to them every day on my favorite satellite radio station. I still get energy from it every day to remember where I came from. - What do you desire for yourself and your family in the future? If you were asked to have one dream, what would it be? For everyone to dream and pursue their dreams and do what they want to do in life, and to hopefully have some success in doing