Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 108

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine Luca Cerardi - Italy November 20th, 2016 International – Italy I close this year with an interview to Zak Stevens, former Savatage, Circle to Circle and Trans Siberian Orchestra singer. I had the pleasure to work with him for my new Not Over Yet project and discovered more then a talented artist but a very special man so It was an honour to sit down and talk to him about his life, his history, dreams, passions etc… A good way to know him better and to let you know him wider! - When was the first time you wanted to be a singer? The first time I wanted to be a singer was at 9 years old, when I started playing drums. The first band I was in was a 3 piece rock band and we decided to play the talent school at my elementary school. We had a hard enough time finding 3 guys who could all play different instruments at that age, and therefore I decided to play the drums and sing from behind the drum kit. - Your first show? Where were you, how did you feel? 108 Steel Notes Magazine My first show was the talent show in fifth grade. I had never felt as nervous as I did that day before we started our first song. I literally thought I was going to drop the drumsticks out of my hands because I was sweating so bad and had such bad stage fright. But a few measures into the song, everything was okay, and I gathered myself. I played 3 songs and we actually won the talent show. This was the first time I got the music bug. - In your family was this a bad way to try to live or did you get support from them?