Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 107

Steel Notes Magazine For those of you who don’t know Me First, The Forty Nineteens are continuing the tradition of taking classic old songs that have become a part of the culture and amping them up a bit, well OK more than a bit, they blow the roof off. The thing is, once you adjust yourself to the massive volume and distortion, you will find that The Forty Nineteens are actually quite melodic. The lyrics remain the same as we have always heard them and the song is absolutely sung in tune. It is just that the music is soooooooo much more energetic and fun than the traditional version. Even Punks like a little Yuletide joy. Rock on guys! Your song brought a huge smile to my grouchy mug. When are you coming to Sweden?? The Grouch | Sweden Artist Website: Record Label: Steel Notes Magazine 107