Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 103 Steel Notes Magazine Track 9 - The Angel Gabriel by Deborah Henriksson - Get ready to be blown away. Firstly, this song is not really rock and roll. It does however massively rock! How can that be you wonder? Listen to the song. Deborah has a great voice! I find myself listening to this track over and over simply because of the things she can do vocally. WOW. Track 10 - Jingle Jangle Jingle by Inches From Sin Man, I want to see their show! I have not been this excited since I first heard Sly and the Family Stone. This guy is a monster player. The massively cool guitar in combination with the funk voice is just so cool. I dig it. Album Cover Design by Monique Grimme Track 11 - Have A Gigolo XMAS by .STEEL ft. Bubu The Producer - Okay I can see after listening to this song that I really need to listen to more rap. This song is cool. I am so surprised that I like it, but I do. This guy just oozes cool and the nod to Louis Prima is appropriate. Steel Notes Magazine 103