Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 102

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine Track 6 - I Love Christmas Time (Remix) by Wayne Olivieri & DJ Chris Ibe - simply put this is one very enthusiastic dance track. I find myself nodding my head as he shouts out ” I LOVE Christmas time!”. Christmas at this guy’s house must be one wild time of the year. His enthusiasm is infectious to say the least. Good job Wayne. Track 7 - I Wonder Where You Are This Christmas by Bob Shaw Bob has succeeded in a blending of Bob Dylan and Bruce Spingsteen. This track is haunting. There is no question; the raw emotion that is laid bare in this song. This song can be summed up in one word: i FV6RࠥG&66&7F2&r'FV27F2G&62VFR&BFffW&VBg&FR7@6rגf'7BFVvG2vVV&BFR7F'@bFR6rv2FBFV2v26VƖp2W"7FVVǒFFRW622VƗGFB2FW&W7FrFV222v6VBFVv6FR6֖&G7F2FW&RFV26w2vVBFRW62VW0גGFVF6WFrFB2gFVFff7V@FFࠣ 7FVVFW2vPwwr7FVVFW6vR6Р