STEAMed Magazine July 2015 - Page 33

FOR YOUR LIBRARY: BOOKS TO KEEP YOU STEAMING Just a few titles on our summer reading list! We LOVE the idea of looking at art with a lens for math! This terrific book from Robin Ward (featured in our April edition) provides activities, strategies and lesson ideas for integrating math and visual art. Featuring the works of Pollack, O’Keefe, and many others, this book will be a favorite! TEACHER TOP 5 LIST Click any title for more details: 1. Mindsets in the Classroom 2. Unleash Your Inner Creativity 3. Math Art Fun 4. Thrive 5. The Creative Habit Ever feel like you just aren’t “creative”? In this book from Seth Cohen, we are introduced to the idea that everyone is creative in some way and that changing your life (and teaching) is all about finding what that looks like for you. Just in case you haven’t already see this one, we highly recommend picking up this book from Mary Cay Ricci. Changing thinking (both our own and our students’) about what success means, how to build a growth mindset from the start and the power of going beyond “traditional” methods of instruction is shared in this incredible resource. You’ll reference this one all year long! 33