STEAMed Magazine July 2015 - Page 2

WELCOME TO STEAMed! EDITOR’S NOTES Science Learning, which explores innovation and creativity in Are you enjoying your summer so far? We are deep in the throws Perhaps one of my favorite pieces in this edition is the cover of the hottest season of the year and this latest issue of story, STEAM Rising (pg. 28), from my great friend Sean Gaillard. STEAMed meets those expectations. This summer, we’re Sean is a principal in NC and shares his real, raw experiences of showcasing stories, lessons, ideas, resources and organizations transforming a Title 1 middle school into a STEAM Magnet that are changing the educational paradigm. School. For anyone who wants to know what that journey holds, Personally, I’m super excited about the music ideas being offered in this month’s issue! As a music educator by trade, we don’t hear often enough about how to integrate music in and through the STEM areas, even though there are endless possibilities. You’ll find some great lesson starters in the first article, Joyful Noise (pg.4) from Dyan Branstetter who integrates music and and through the arts (pg.15). this story is a must-read. Finally, I think you’re really going to love the Summer Resource Guide (pg. 24) we’ve put together for you. This contains 40+ websites, apps, games, PD opportunities and lessons you can start using right away. You’ll want to keep this handy for the start of the school year. insect poetry for incredible performance results. You’ll also discover how to find those truly rich and powerful musical Let’s dive into this summer’s issue! examples that will lead to a more meaningful lesson in The Sound of Silence from Jenny Dees (pg.10). Susan M. Riley, Editor Not to leave out our Visual Art educators, Jenny Lucas and Carrie Markello team up to have a frank discussion on what visual art teachers can learn from science teachers on page 19. And Harvey Seifter shares all about the work being done at The Art of ii