STEAMed Magazine July 2015 - Page 16

UNLEASHING OUR CREATIVITY TO SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS USING SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART AND MATH The Art of Science Learning (AOSL) is a National Science Foundation-funded initiative that explores innovation at the intersection of art, science and learning, using the arts to spark creativity in science education and foster the development of an innovative 21st Century STEM workforce. In our current Phase 2 project, we’ve developed a new curriculum that uses the arts to teach the STEM innovation process, and created three arts-based incubators for STEM innovation to test the methodologies and approaches embodied in the curriculum. The incubators—hosted by San Diego’s Balboa Park Cultural Partnership (encompassing twenty-seven art, science and cultural institutions), Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and Worcester’s EcoTarium—brought together more than 300 STEM professionals, educators, artists, business leaders, museum professionals, researchers, policymakers hand students to create innovative responses to STEM challenges and bring them to market. Challenges included water resources in California, urban nutrition in Chicago and transportation alternatives in Massachusetts. In dozens of workshop sessions from October 2013 – January 2015, Art of Science Learning faculty used the arts to teach the incubator participants (known as Art of Science Learning Fellows) new ways to identify problems and opportunities; generate, transform and communicate creative ideas; collaborate on cross 16