STEAMed Magazine January 2016 - Page 8

concepts but they were responsible for conducting most of the research on their own as they drew their storyboards. BEFORE BEGINNING THE ANIMATION PROCESS, the 7th graders were shown some examples of stop-motion animation like Wallace and Gromit and Brickfilms. They were also introduced to Khan Academy’s Pixar in a Box, a series of videos that “demonstrate how math, science, engineering, and the arts are a vital part of the magic and wonder of the Pixar filming process.” They used mini iPads to film their videos, using Stop Motion Studio, and edit them, using iMovie (both apps are free in the App Store). At the end of the project, we watched and critiqued the completed videos. Although the unit took a significant amount of time (7 weeks, with students working about 2¼ hours per week), it received predominately positive feedback from both teachers and students. As teachers, we appreciated the demonstration of creativity and independent thought that went into the project just as much as the understanding of science concepts and animation techniques. In written reflections, students stated: STEAMed Magazine 8 January 2016 Edition