STEAMed Magazine January 2016 - Page 29

Communicative Power of Movement With Young Children (2006), she focuses on movement - or children’s nonverbal cues - as keys to critical information about their development. Understanding a students’ movement can provide a window into their personality, but it can also provide a door to learning. IN THE SCHOOL At Young Audiences - Arts for Learning - Virginia, dance is used to help students understand mathematics, literacy, science life cycles and developing personal narratives. Dance for Life is a program that has been using dance to reinforce classroom learning for six years. Young Audiences of Virginia (YAV) partnered with Portsmouth City Public Schools to bring the Dance for Life program to their students. The Portsmouth community has many low-income families with children struggling with obesity. The participating schools are Title 1 schools where many of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. This program aims to help students, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, build confidence in their ability to creatively approach math while staying active and promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors. The eight-week residency teaches fractions, decimals, angles, degrees, commutative property, rotation, algebraic equations and geometry: all through dance. The final product is a dance performance based entirely in math concepts that the children can explain and demonstrate. STEAMed Magazine 29 January 2016 Edition