Stay Ahead Stay Ahead Issue 11 Securitas Intelligence Unit - Page 6

INTELLIGENT SECURITY Our dedicated Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) provide intelligence services to protect the interests of some of the highest profile and largest corporations in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Operating from our BS EN 50518 accredited SOC (Securitas Operations Centre) our highly skilled intelligence analysts are experts in investigating open source intelligence to provide advanced real-time analysis of threats and risks. Added value and peace of mind Every day we’re bombarded with thousands of digital signals. The majority of these are harmless, but among them are signs of potential threats to your business. As a business owner do you have the time or capacity to monitor and react to these signals, before it’s too late? What if you could react to potential risks, before they happen? Analyse Our Securitas Intelligence Unit use a cloud-based open-source listening platform, with real time access to multiple internet data streams, to immediately evaluate any situation or unusual activity. By combining our six protective services with cutting-edge technology and top security intelligence, our highly skilled analysts deliver real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe, 24/7. And with increased security, and fewer business interruptions, you can focus on your core business giving you added value and peace of mind. Speak to us today to find out more. Predict Research Prevent Speak to us today to find out more about our range of intelligent security services. Free subscription- based service offering industry topical bulletins and alerts. Fee-based subscription service providing 24/7 monitoring for specific threats and risks to your business. Fee-based consultancy service with focused support from our Securitas Intelligence team to provide complete reassurance.