Stay Ahead Stay Ahead Issue 11 Securitas Intelligence Unit - Page 2

HOW SAFE IS YOUR BUSINESS? In a world where businesses constantly face an ever- increasing array of risks and threats, how confident are you that your business is safe? 02-03 Foreword from Omar Abu-Rish From crime and disorder, violence and extremism, protest and activism to fire risk, data leakage and even cyber security threats, you need to understand the risks your business faces before you can protect it. 04-05 Global reach, local expertise 06-07 Intelligent Security 08-11 Formula 1 case study 12 Stay Ahead, get in touch. But when did you last undertake a security risk assessment? How do you evaluate threats and vulnerabilities? Are there gaps in your security measures? Are you confident your security technology is fit for purpose? Securitas has a global network of security risk experts ready to evaluate your current security service. And once you are aware of the risks, Securitas can help you prepare. Our bespoke value-based security solutions combine cutting- edge technology with real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe. Think security, trust Securitas. Turn over to find out more. Omar Abu-Rish Excellence & Insight Manager