Stay Ahead Stay Ahead Issue 11 Securitas Intelligence Unit - Page 10

THE SECURITAS FORMULA 1 CLIENT TESTIMONIAL SOLUTION Each F1 race venue is unique with the promoter responsible for arranging on-the-ground operations and security. Securitas is on location at each Grand Prix event for pre-race set up, live weekend racing and post- race derig providing guidance to F1. The team engages with all relevant internal and external F1 stakeholders, as well as local authorities, to review security arrangements. Securitas use a bespoke Risk Management Tool and risk assessments created specifically for F1, to reflect the unique threats faced at each Grand Prix location. GLOBAL SUPPORT OVER 21 RACES The team assess risk levels by combining the likelihood and impact of threats and hazards observed. The information is shared via an online dashboard, part of the Risk Management Tool, so F1 can log in at any time to monitor and review risks and threats identified. Recommendations and best practice solutions are put forward by Securitas to close gaps in security and mitigate risk. Given the dynamic transient nature of F1, it’s a priority for F1 to provide their staff with critical information EXCLUSIVE SECURITY ADVISOR TO F1 THREATS AND HAZARDS OBSERVED as they travel, to ensure their safety and security. Based in Securitas’ Operations Centre, the Securitas Intelligence Unit provides pre-travel Threat Assessments to assess risks F1 staff may face as they enter each new country and environment. This is an essential and valuable service given the current threat landscape we live in. As live Grand Prix proceedings begin, the Intelligence Unit continue to monitor for any emerging threats. RECOMMENDATIONS TO CLOSE GAPS IN SECURITY AND MITIGATE RISK Crowd safety and event security is of paramount importance at each Grand Prix. Securitas provides critical security advisory services to F1 and are a trusted advisor on all security related matters. Securitas has developed strong, collaborative working relationships with F1 stakeholders at all levels. Their comprehensive and detailed approach to risk assessment and Corporate Risk Management helps us mitigate risks and provides us with assurance that our people, the fans, race venues and our F1 brand are in safe hands. Chloe Targett-Adams Global Director of Promoters and Business Relations, F1