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CEO Statement Securitas Annual and Sustainability Report 2018 Strong momentum Securitas has the best offering of protective services in the security industry, and we are growing faster than the market. Our solid growth across all divisions in 2018 is proof not only of a strong portfolio of services but also that our clients value the work we do. Looking at our progress over the last five years, we are delivering on our Vision 2020 strategy to become a leader in protective services. Looking ahead, our strong guarding capability and presence, in combination with technology and data, creates leverage to drive innovation and the creation of intelligent security services. THE POWER OF PRESENCE 2018 was my first year as President and CEO and I have spent considerable time with both our clients and our employees to gain a deeper understanding of Se- curitas’ history, ourpresent situation and the future. We have operations in 58 countries and 370 000 employ- ees. With outstanding people across a vast footprint, our presence – together with our ability to combine different protective services into security solutions – creates a strong platform for future long-term growth. During 2018, we initiated a strategy review to ensure that we deliver on our Vision 2020 goals, but also to start shaping the strategy beyond 2020. Looking back at the last five years, we have greatly strengthened our offering, adding a broad range of protective services, 04 | Stay Ahead with Securitas Ireland - April 2019 and we now have a significant electronic security and solutions capability. Looking forward to the next phase, our plan is to emphasize client centricity, how to continuously strengthen our core guarding services, and how we can lead the industry through innovation and enhanced knowledge in a more data-driven, intelligent security future. We are also emphasizing our purpose as a company and involved thousands of employees around the world to create engagement. We play an important role in society when it comes to providing security and safety, and this is a role that we are proud of. The vision for beyond 2020 is to become the leader in intelligent security. With our outstanding people and strong protective services offering, we already have a solid presence and capability. The next phase is about increasing knowledge, and we will do this by using data and smart data processing to create client value in all