STAY AHEAD IRELAND April 2019 - Page 24

Manage Stress with Time Management Wellbeing By incorporating or taking a moment to fully understand the significance of the following time management skills, you may be able to feel in control of your life once more: Ongoing stress has often been documented as a source of serious mental and physical health concerns. In order to overcome the negative impact which stress has on our daily lives, it is essential to understand that one of the major stimulants of stress and anxiety is the perceived lack of control we have over time. This kind of stress creates a constant feeling of urgency which is usually coupled with the disappointment of not doing enough even when we actually attempt to complete all of our goals. 22 | Stay Ahead with Securitas Ireland - April 2019 Whether this stress relates to your professional or personal life, by understanding how to more effectively manage your time you will feel more relaxed, focus and in control. Through the incorporation of the following techniques, it should be noted that a difference exists between quality and quantity of time spent. Those who usually feel stressed in relation to time constraints rarely realise that this is the case and automatically equate more time spent to be the same as quality time spent. More often than not, this formulation leads to more stress, with more time being wasted, and even less time spent focusing on enjoyable pursuits. How to manage stress Set Boundaries: If you feel like your work life is spilling over into your family life, a good way to make sure this does not continue to occur would be to set time boundaries, e.g. Work 4pm – 6pm; Family time 6pm – 8pm. Be sure to try and remain strict in relation to these boundaries, not letting them stretch too far over their times.