STAY AHEAD IRELAND April 2019 - Page 22

Wet Chemical Extinguishers Developed for the sole purpose of fighting deep fat cooking fires. Method of Use Turn off the heat source if it is safe to do so, hold the lance at arm’s length, well above the fire with its nozzle at least 1 metre away from the fire. Squeeze the lever slowly to begin discharging the extinguisher, apply the fine spray in slow circular movements, this allows the wet chemical agent to fall gently onto the surface of the fire and helps to prevent hot oils splashing on to the user. Discharge the entire contents of the extinguisher to ensure that all of the fire has been extinguished; the wet chemical formula helps to prevent re-ignition. Fire Blankets Used for fires involving solids and liquids. Ideal for small fires on clothing and for chip and fat pan fires. Method of Use Place the blanket carefully over the fire ensuring that the fire is completely covered, keep your hands away from the fire and place the blanket down away from you. 20 | Stay Ahead with Securitas Ireland - April 2019 Because fire extinguishers cannot always be identified by their colour, do not use them without first checking the label. Remember, only attempt to use an extinguisher if trained to do so and never put yourself at risk in tackling a fire. If in doubt evacuate the premises in accordance with your local procedures.