STAY AHEAD IRELAND April 2019 - Page 12

Dear Colleagues, We are very excited to announce, that Securitas is adopting Workplace by Facebook for our internal communications. Workplace is an easy to use collaboration platform, a lot like Facebook, but built specifically for the world of work and can only be used by us in Securitas. With Workplace, we can discuss projects, share organization - wide updates and instantly communicate with colleagues from across the company. As a business, this will help us work together better and move faster to get things done. Securitas Ireland employee will have an option to access Workplace by Facebook. However, if you don’t want to be a part of Securitas internal communications tool, please email our Marketing Manager Val Dovguls to opt out. FAQs: Q: - Is Workplace connected to my personal Facebook? A: - No. Your Workplace account is separate from your personal Facebook account. There is no link between the two accounts and you have full control over what you share on each account. 10 | Stay Ahead with Securitas Ireland - April 2019 Q: - Why do we need another communication tool? A: - Workplace makes it easier to communicate with colleagues via chat, groups and posts. It connects everyone in our organisation and is easy to use on the go via your mobile device. It requires very little training. If you have a Facebook account then you will know how to use Workplace!