STAY AHEAD IRELAND April 2019 - Page 11

Value Chain The value chain shows how Securitas develops, produces and delivers services based on the security needs of the individual customer. Meeting customer needs is the basis of our business. Our customers can be found in most industries and they range from private individuals and small firms to global corporations with varying risk situations and security needs. The value chain is a tool for analyzing customer needs and how we meet them in the best possible way. It helps us determine how to sell to different customers, how to organize the provision of our services and how we cooperate with the customer. Four issues form the basis of the value chain - the type of customer, how we should sell services to that customer or group of customers, how the services we are selling should be provided, and how we should handle customer feedback. Answers to these questions help us create a solution and a workftow that meets the security needs of the individual customer. In addition, the security needs of many of our customers change rapidly. The value chain supports our employees in the process of changing and developing the customer relationship over time and enables them to quickly adapt our offering to what the customer needs while maintaining high quality. Stay Ahead with Securitas Ireland - April 2019 | 09