STAY AHEAD IRELAND April 2019 - Page 10

Our Market The market matrix helps us remember that all custom- ers are different. There is no generic solution to suit everyone. With differing operations of various sizes and types, our customers face different risk situations and have different security needs. There is no solution that suits all. Securitas has transformed the general societal trend towards increasing complexity and fragmentation into a competitive advantage by understanding the develop- ment of customer needs. More demand for scalability, specialization and segmen- tation of functions in customers’ businesses, in which cross-border activities and value­enhancing processes are dependent on just-in-time deliveries, means that tailor­made solutions are highly valued. Security issues are also becoming a higher priority of companies, institutions and individuals. Decisions are being made higher up in the organization with bigger contracts specially worked out according to the specific needs of a company and its various busi- ness units. 08 | Stay Ahead with Securitas Ireland - April 2019 Securitas has been and continues to lead this process of differentiation of services in which every customer is offered a unique solution within a framework of a continuous evolution of our offer. Guarding services are combined with technological security systems and consulting as the needs of small and large customers are developing differently. To understand, respond to and foresee demands of every customer are important tasks for every Securitas employee.