Stay Ahead Edition 6 Corporate Risk Management - Page 6

FIRST WE UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS Corporate Risk Management protects your business through three simple steps: evaluation, analysis and planning. THE BIGGER PICTURE STEP 1 EVALUATE STEP 2 ANALYSE Are you totally protected? Security experts survey your site, evaluating how your assets are currently protected against the threats you face. Building on your risk survey report, we understand your needs and priorities, analysing the value of your security and how we can add to it. Combining expert knowledge with modern technology, the survey uncovers whether your business is fully protected and if you’re investing the right amount. We understand it’s important your security suits your needs, while satisfying multiple stakeholders and meeting strict corporate governance standards. STEP 3 PLAN Using the knowledge gained from the crucial first two steps, we plot a plan that meets all your requirements, utilising our five other Protective Services to give you total protection. Combined with five other specialist Protective Services, Corporate Risk Management can reduce or retain current costs and keep your business safer. You’ll be presented with a full written report, face-to-face. Our aim is to help you find effective and efficient cover in the easiest way possible. THEN WE PROTECT IT CORNER TO CORNER