Stay Ahead Edition 6 Corporate Risk Management - Page 2

What’s inside: 02/03 CORPORATE RISK MANAGEMENT: 04/05 PROTECT YOUR ASSETS: 06/07 08/09 PINKERTON: STABILITY IN A CHANGING WORLD KNOW THE RISKS: INSIDE AND OUT 10 STAY AHEAD WITH SECURITAS YOUR PROTECTION WE NEVER SLEEP INTELLIGENT SECURITY In an ever-changing world Knowledge is power. Before you can protect your business, you need to understand the risks it faces. Corporate Risk Management helps you identify these risks through a team of industry experts with inside knowledge supported by the latest technology. Prevention is the best protection. It’s all about making life as smooth as possible for your business, protecting your assets by reducing the threats to your operation, as well as reducing the impact of any incidents that arise. Turn over to discover more about how Corporate Risk Management protects your business and the things you care about. Because the things that matter to you matter to us. Stay safe, Brian Ruddock Specialists Projects Director