State of the County - Page 34

Road From To Improvement Cost Bartow Northern Connector US 17 SR 60 New 4 Lanes $38M Lake Wilson Road CR 54 Osceola Co/L 2 to 4 Lanes $12M Marigold Avenue Coyote Road CR 580 2 to 4 Lanes $18M North Ridge Trail Deen Still Road Sand Mine Road New 2 Lanes $23M Spirit Lake Road US 17 SR 540 2 to 4 Lanes $63M Thompson Nursery Road US 17 US 27 New 4 Lanes 2 to 4 Lanes $107M West Pipkin Road Harden Boulevard 2 to 4 Lanes $28M TOTAL Medulla Road $289M Projected that the northeast quadrant of the county, in the next few years, will have approximately the same population as the northwest quadrant but it has only one-half the lane miles of roads. 34