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Nathan Easey , insights manager at The Key , says :
" Recruitment is one of the more popular topics on The Key for School Leaders website . In January 2016 , one-third of schools using The Key viewed articles about recruitment and induction . The most popular requests we receive linked to this topic are for suggestions of interview questions and tasks . We also see that school leaders are responding to workload and wellbeing challenges , with examples of staff questionnaires being popular in this section of our website .”
Oliver Kean , senior researcher at The Key , says :
“ It ’ s apparent from our survey that the teaching profession is increasingly mobile , and many schools are finding it hard to recruit in a job market that ’ s becoming more competitive . While many governors say they are thinking creatively about how they attract and hold on to staff , a significant proportion say they are not doing anything differently . This could be for a number of reasons , including budget constraints , challenging school circumstances or locations , lack of knowledge about how to best address the issue , or perhaps reluctance to innovate . But what seems clear is that while some schools are reaping the benefits , others are missing out .”
Several recent reports have highlighted difficulties with recruitment and retention so it is encouraging to see that many schools are proactively giving teachers reasons to stay and progress . The fact that 46 % of governors said they had worked with other schools to provide CPD could make a real difference , particularly for younger teachers who , according to our research , are highly influenced by such opportunities [ 1 ]. Offering secondments is also valuable since our previous research has revealed an unmet appetite for such initiatives [ 2 ]. Hopefully , by next year , the majority of schools will be doing this .”
Loic Menzies Director , LKMco
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