State of Education survey report 2016 - Page 29

Roles of concern Why is it difficult to recruit teachers? When we asked school leaders which roles, if any, they were concerned about recruiting for in the next 12-24 months, classroom teachers topped the list. Almost three in five (57%) leaders say it’s a role they are worried about filling, and again we see a higher proportion of those in the secondary phase (71%) struggling with this than their primary colleagues (54%). We listed some factors that might affect the recruitment of classroom teachers and asked school leaders which was the biggest challenge in their school. Four in 10 (40%) identified the quality of applications as the biggest challenge. Findings in the Training New Teachers report³, published by the National Audit Office (NAO), also reveal that more classes in secondary schools are being taught by teachers without a relevant post-A-level qualification in their subject. Conversely, a quarter (25%) of primary school leaders are worried about filling senior leadership roles, in comparison to just one in 10 (9%) leaders in secondary schools. What is the biggest challenge you face when recruiting teachers? Quality of applications Number of applications Which, if any, of the following roles are you concerned about recruiting for in your school over the next 12-24 months? Classroom teachers 57% Senior leadership 23% Middle leadership 19% N/A - I’m not concerned 17% Classroom support staff 13% Other 6% Administrative staff 6% Facilities staff 6% I don’t know 4% ³ NAO – Join the debate @TheKeySupport 40% 21% N/A – it is not a struggle to recruit 10% School budget for salaries 10% Demographics of the local area 7% School location 5% Teaching subject 3% Other 3% School Ofsted grade School reputation S Y]܈Y\\[‚BIB IB&[X\و\X][ۜ&H[YXۙۈ\\8$HY\XܝZ]Y[[[H܈ۙH[]H IJHXY\ˈH\\ۙH[ L L JH^H]Y]܈[\Y\\Z\8&\XZ[[[H[XܝZ][XX\]\ \XYXXܜ›ۈ\\ X\\]][ۈ[[[[ܘ\X\H\X[\B؛[X]X܈ۛHX[\[Y\و˂]HوYX][ۈ\^H M˝Z^\\ܝ BB