State of Education survey report 2016 - Page 28

Are schools facing a shortage of teachers? Our survey shows that over a third (37%) of schools are facing a shortage of teachers – and even in some schools where teaching posts are filled, leaders found recruiting and retaining teachers difficult to manage in the 12 months preceding our survey. More than six in 10 (62%) school leaders experienced this problem, and nearly one in five (19%) expects it to be the biggest challenge over the next year – second only to budget pressures. It is also more acute in secondary settings. Just over a third (35%) of primary leaders say that their school is facing a shortage of teachers, in comparison to almost half (49%) of secondary school leaders. It is little surprise, then, that recruiting and retaining teachers has also been a particular challenge for secondary settings. Almost eight in 10 (76%) secondary school leaders found teacher recruitment and retention difficult to manage over the past 12 months, in comparison to six in 10 (59%) leaders in primary schools. Yes 65% 51% No No 49% Yes Secondary North East* 21% Midlands 40% East of England 56% 37% Yorkshire and Humberside London 26% South West Is your school facing a shortage of teachers? Primary 37% 17% North West The problem appears most acute in London, with more than half (56%) of the capital’s school leaders stating that they are facing a shortage of teachers. The picture is similar in the south east, with reported teacher shortages in 50% of schools. 35% Is your school facing a shortage of teachers? (% who said yes) 50% South East *Please note that fewer than 100 respondents from the north east completed the survey. Findings for this region should be treated with caution. 28 State of Education Survey 2016 | Find further comment at