State of Education survey report 2016 - Page 14

Comments: 14 The survey response from school leaders is fully in line with current demographic modelling and school census data, which demonstrate a growth trend in England’s school-age population, unprecedented in recent years, and which is driving the surge in demand for school places in a large number of areas. It is clear that an urgent commitment of further capital funding needs to be made by the DfE in order to deliver the additional places required. Growing the number of schools required to meet demand for places can be expected to continue well into the foreseeable future." Kieran McDermott Chief Executive, One Education Ltd State of Education Survey 2016 | Issues relating to admission and pupil-place planning weigh significantly on school leaders' minds as they strive to deliver a first-class education to their pupils. Increasingly school leaders need to be able to promptly resolve pupil placement issues whilst delivering the curriculum, often in less than ideal settings and more alarmingly without the skilled staff or finances necessary to provide educational pedagogical best practice. These issues result all too often in crisis management which can detract significantly from leaders' thinking, time, energy and resilience; none of which is good for the profession." Prue Barnes-Kemp Executive Headteacher, Opossum Federation Find further comment at