State of Education survey report 2016 - Page 10

Can schools cope with the rising demand for school places? The majority of schools were unable to keep up with demand for pupil places in the admission round for the September 2015 intake. When asked how many applications their school received versus places available, almost six in 10 (59%) school leaders told us that demand outstripped supply. Forty-one per cent received up to 50% more applications, and one in 10 (10%) received almost twice as many as they could accept. Pressure is being felt more at the primary level, where three in five (60%) schools received more applications for places than they could accommodate for the 2015/16 intake, compared to just over half (52%) of secondary schools. These findings are not surprising with pupil numbers on the rise and an expected extra 880,000 places needed by 2023². And as pupils currently in primary schools move through the system, it seems likely that many secondary schools will be feeling further pressure for places soon. How many applications vs. pupil places available did your school receive in the admission round for 2015/16? Fewer About the same 1-50% more Over 50% more This year we had 222 applications for 60 pupil places and it’s been a similar story for the last few years. We could only start to meet this additional demand with the capital investment in our premises, which means we’re now expecting 10 new classrooms to improve provision for our children. That said, taking additional pupils and the associated expansion has implications outside of funding. Our school field provides plenty of play space in summer, but come winter, the hard play area is the same size as when we were a one-form-entry school and we now hold an extra four classes. We’re not only having to rethink how we manage playtimes for our growing number of pupils, but how we provide on-site parking with no space for more staff, and how we alleviate the chaos on the roads around the school during pick-up and drop-off times.” Headteacher 16% 10 25% 41% State of Education Survey 2016 | 18% ² Department for Education – system/uploads/attachment_data/file/330261/SFR23_2014_Main_Text.pdf Find further comment at