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For a MAT to be financially viable, however, current evidence suggests it needs to have at least 1,200 pupils on roll to cover just the essential 6 costs, and around 5,000 pupils 7 to begin reducing average costs Percentage of school leaders in different types of schools who need to make savings to balance their budget in the 2017/18 financial year: across the trust. On 8 March 2017, fewer than half (47%) of MATs met the first criteria 8 , and ju st under 4% met the second, suggesting that existing MATs would need to grow considerably to solve the budget challenges school leaders are facing. Academy – single Can the necessary savings be made? Academy – in a MAT 74% 65% Looking slightly longer term, we asked school leaders how confident they are in their school’s ability to make any necessary savings over Maintained the next 12-24 months. The results are almost evenly split: nearly half 62% (45%) of all leaders think that essential savings can be made and 50% feel less confident, with no notable difference between those in primary and secondary schools. School business managers tend to be optimistic, with almost six in 10 Primary 61% (58%) confident of making savings, in contrast to just over four in 10 Secondary 73% (44%) headteachers. More than one in 10 (14%) headteachers is ‘not at all’ confident their school can make the necessary savings. Despite being expected to fare better from the redrafted national funding formula, a slightly smaller proportion of rural schools (41%) than urban settings (46%) is confident of being able to make Inland Coastal 71% 63% necessary cuts. MORE ABOUT THE KEY: WWW.THEKEYSUPPORT.COM PAGE 9