State of Education Report 2017 state-of-education-booklet-Final-WEB - Page 43

About the survey The Key invited a sample of its members to complete its annual survey in February 2017. The questionnaire for this study was designed by The Key and conducted online using SurveyMonkey. 1,182 school leaders and 1,257 governors from mainstream schools completed the full survey. The data has been weighted to match the population profile of schools in England in terms of region, school phase and school type. The profile of The Key’s membership database is similar to the profile of schools across England. The data can therefore be taken to represent the views of school leaders on The Key’s database, which in turn provides an indication of the opinions of leaders in mainstream schools across England. The survey was designed, administered and analysed by The Key. Ipsos MORI provided advice on questionnaire design and weighting. About The Key About Ipsos MORI The Key provides high-quality, trusted information Ipsos MORI’s Social Research Institute works closely and online solutions to the education and wider with national government, local public services and public sector. Our market-leading information services, professional development and online platform the not-for-profit sector. Its 200 research staff focus on public service and policy issues, including a team solutions help busy professionals work with increased confidence, focusing on education issues. Each of our researchers has expertise knowledge and capacity. At the heart of everything we do is a in a particular part of the public sector, ensuring we have a detailed passionate commitment to helping organisations save time, work understanding of specific sectors and policy challenges. This, combined smarter and deliver better results for the communities they serve. with