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The opportunities ahead References 1. National Audit Office: 2. NAO: 3. Reform and SSAT: Report.pdf 4. DfE: Excellence_Everywhere.pdf career progression/professional development are the same or better 5. DfE: academy_trusts_good_practice_guidance_and_expectations_for_growth.pdf than before. School leaders across the board are excited about the 6. Sir David Carter/DfE: David-Carter-presentation-updated.pdf opportunities that lie ahead: some are looking forward to joining 7. Reform: 8. Edubase: ‘school type’ data accessed on 8th March 2017: 9. NAO: others anticipate focusing specifically on improving teaching and 10. learning for the pupils in their care. DfE: Excellence_Everywhere.pdf 11. NAO: 12. GOV.UK: 13. NAO: 14. DfE: buying_strategy.pdf 15. DfE: 16. NAO: how leaders feel about their role 17. Schools Week: authority-area/ are clear. Yet we see a profession 18. that is NAHT: for-publication-say-school-leaders/ 19. determined DfE: KS2_2016_Coasting_text.pdf Overall, more than seven in 10 (73%) school leaders believe the quality of teaching has either stayed the same or improved over the last five years, and six in 10 (61%) think that opportunities for or expanding a MAT and developing leadership within trusts, while The education landscape has been tricky to traverse for school leaders this year, and the contradictions in 20. DfE: to stride 21. NAHT: for-publication-say-school-leaders/ forward, and 22. YoungMinds: 23. TES: 24. 25. NFER: young people in this country, 26. GOV.UK: TWS_2016_FINAL_Research_report_Feb_2017.pdf while being proud of the 27. NFER: immense work that happens 28. DfE: Workload_Action_Plan.pdf in schools. 29. DfE: MB_Reducing_Teacher_Workload_Poster_20161213_print.pdf continue giving its best to improve outcomes for STATE OF EDUCATION 2017 | WWW.STATEOFED.THEKEYSUPPORT.COM PAGE 42