State of Education Report 2017 state-of-education-booklet-Final-WEB - Page 40

Positivity and purpose remain at the heart of the school system There are challenges ahead for all those working within the school system, and much uncertainty and change to get to grips with over the coming years. But when we asked school leaders what remains great about working in education, we see a profession that is dedicated to young people and the difference that can be made in schools. Time and time again, school leaders tell us they relish the challenge of their role, and the opportunity to improve the life chances of their pupils so that they become the best they can be. Many school leaders simply say that “This report is important as it confirms assumptions about the concerns that affect our profession. It is heartening to read that teachers are inspired by their work, although the pressure they experience to work intolerably hard is evident. It is my hope that the work of the Chartered College of Teaching can begin to address workload by enabling teachers and school leaders to take brave decisions informed by evidence about aspects of their work that they may choose to do less of in order that we can all achieve more.” Professor Dame Alison Peacock CEO - Chartered College of Teaching the best thing about their job is “the children”. “I love the daily challenge and opportunity to make a difference.” “For me it is a calling, not a job. That light- bulb moment and that smile is the reason I do this job.” We also asked school leaders to describe how their job makes them feel, in three words. Exhausted, rewarded, privileged, overwhelmed, over-emotional, proud, tired, lucky and happy come up often. STATE OF EDUCATION 2017 | WWW.STATEOFED.THEKEYSUPPORT.COM “I absolutely love my school and I’ve only ever worked in this school. When I get there it feels like my second home. You get so attached to the children that you teach, you want the best for them and you worry about them. Our headteacher says to each new member of staff, treat each child as if they’re your own. That’s when you get the most out of teaching.” Alessandra Desbottes Assistant headteacher – Ulverston Victoria High School PAGE 40