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Perception of the profession is in decline: what’s the impact? perception of the profession. The east of England and south east are close behind, with 75% in each region citing retention as a problem. The issue is least acute in the north east, but 56% of school leaders Morale is suffering as a result of the decline in how the teaching here still say retention is suffering because of the increased negativity profession is perceived. Eighty-six per cent and 85% of school leaders about the profession. in primary and secondary settings respectively believe this to be true. This negativity is also affecting the number of people applying Workforce issues are further exacerbated by teachers’ reluctance to for teaching positions, and is making it more difficult to keep current step up to leadership positions, which 60% of primary leaders and teachers in post. 50% of secondary leaders also attribute to negative perceptions of the profession. Recruitment and retention challenges are felt more acutely in secondary schools, where 83% of school leaders say staff retention is suffering as a result of the worsening perception of the profession. The cost of recruiting and training new teachers is high, and so as Which of the following, if any, do you think is being negatively affected by the decline in the perception of the profession? financial belts tighten, retention concerns are likely to become yet more troublesome. The parliamentary education committee suggests it might be time for the sector to shift its focus to retaining teachers 24 , 86% 70% rather than focus so explicitly on recruitment targets. To address Morale Retention of staff 66% 58% Number of people applying for teacher positions Teachers’ desire to move into school leadership roles retention issues, however, we need more data to fully understand the problem. At present, the government collects data on teacher retention rates by gender but not by subject or region. Nor does the DfE capture information on why teachers leave; NFER has recently tried to plug this gap by looking at why teachers might be leaving 25 . 50% Our findings can shed light on the geography of the staff retention issue. London is battling one of the greatest retention challenges, with 79% of school leaders citing this as a casualty of the decline in the FIND FURTHER INSIGHTS: WWW.THEKEYSUPPORT.COM/BLOG Parent/society faith in system 2% – Other 44% School/parent relations <1% – None PAGE 37