State of Education Report 2017 state-of-education-booklet-Final-WEB - Page 29

5. PUPIL LEARNING AND FUTURE PROSPECTS In both primary and secondary settings, the curriculum is being squeezed in favour of more academic subjects, and there’s concern that it is not meeting the needs of all children. Primary leaders are calling for more freedom to deliver a broader curriculum, and greater emphasis on personal progress and development. Secondary leaders believe more focus on life skills would better equip pupils for life beyond education, and call for increased flexibility around progress 8 so that vocational subjects count towards the headline measure. of school leaders do not think the current curriculum requirements deliver the best outcomes for all pupils in mainstream education JOIN THE DEBATE @THEKEYSL #STATEOFED think changes to the curriculum and school performance measures over the past two years have had a negative impact on provision in arts and creative subjects think the curriculum should include more core life skills PAGE 29