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Percentage of school leaders who have noticed an increase in the following behaviours and conditions among pupils over the past two years. Mental health and wellbeing issues on the rise We asked school leaders to reflect on some specific health and wellbeing issues and whether or not they have seen any increase in them among their pupils over the last two years. At both primary and secondary level there are several causes for concern. 87% Primary 78% 78% 80% 76% Secondary Nearly eight in 10 (78%) primary leaders and nine in 10 (87%) 75% secondary leaders have seen an increase in stress, anxiety or panic attacks among their pupils. School leaders in both phases have also seen an increase in depression among young people over the last 59% 55% 42% increase in pupil self-harm; this corresponds with a 68% increase 22 in - drug/alcohol In secondary schools, three-quarters (75%) of leaders have seen an 42% the number of young people nationally being admitted to hospital 31% 37% eight in 10 (80%) secondary schools. 53% 45% two years: this is true of more than half (55%) of primary schools and 57% 5% STATE OF EDUCATION 2017 | WWW.STATEOFED.THEKEYSUPPORT.COM because of self-harm over the last 10 years. Four in 10 (42%) secondary leaders have seen an increase in drug or alcohol abuse. When we look at these issues regionally, we see that depression, self- harm, stress/anxiety and fear of the future are believed to be more prevalent among children in the north west; the figures are, however, consistently stark in most regions. PAGE 24