State of Education Report 2017 state-of-education-booklet-Final-WEB - Page 17

At secondary level, leaders are more likely to feel positive, with three in 10 (30%) saying that the current performance measures are fair and accurate; half (50%), however, disagree. Nonetheless, secondary Over the past two years, do you think the level of pressure on schools from school performance measures has increased, decreased or stayed the same? school leaders are less optimistic than this time last year, when seven in 10 (69%) thought that the new progress 8 measure would more accurately capture the overall performance of their school. This lack of faith in performance measures may be a consequence of the strain school leaders feel they are under. More than nine in 10 (91%) think that the level of pressure on schools from performance measures has increased over the last two years. Primary and secondary school leaders are broadly of the same opinion, with 92% and 86% respectively believing this to be the case. Less than one per cent of school leaders in each phase think that the current performance Increased Decreased 91% <1% Stayed the same Don’t know 7% 1% measures have decreased the stress placed on the school system. “There should be more exemplification materials available for national tests, especially for reading … Sourcing appropriate and matched resources has a huge impact on a teacher’s workload…” Primary school leader JOIN THE DEBATE @THEKEYSL #STATEOFED PAGE 17